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    I recently wrote a small review of Tata photon prepaid. Since writing that review people have asked me how to check their balance left and usage details so I decided to share this:

    How do I check my Tata Photon Prepaid Balance?

    When I had bought my first tata photon datacard back in March, the customer care quite frankly told me that they do not have any balance checking facility yet by sms or online but it will come soon. Now I can at least confirm that the Usage Details are available through their website http://tataindicom.com and/or by registering your mobile number with them.

    Method 1: By receiving balance updates by SMS

    This one is simple. Just call their Customer Care Number 1800-266-121 and ask them to register your mobile number to receive balance updates by SMS. They will ask you to identify yourself. Just give them your Photon account details and ask them to register your mobile number.

    If successful, you will receive SMS updates every time you use Photon to connect to the internet.

    Method 2: From their website tataindicom.com

    Here's what you got to do.
    1. Open their website and first select your Location in the top of the page.
    2. Now take your mouse to "My Account" and click on "New User".
    3. In the next page, select Account Type as "Prepaid", and enter your 10 digit Photon prepaid number and your email address and Submit.
    4. Once you submit, you will be taken to another page where they will ask you for an alternate mobile number and ask you to submit again.
    5. Now, check your email. You would have received your password by email. This is the email I got:
    6. Now go back to tataindicom.com and login with your Photon Mobile number and password. They will ask you to change your password which is a bit of a pain... (special characters and uppercase and lower case etc. etc. :))
    7. After logging in, you will find a text: Please Click here to view your Usage details. Clicking there will open a popup window where you have three options, SMS, My Profile and Usage Details.
      • SMS: Shows all the SMS that have supposedly been sent to you about your account balance and other Photon details
      • My Profile: Shows some insignificant detail, nothing really there.
      • Usage Details: This is where you can see your Usage Details.
    8. To See your balance left, click on SMS and check the most recent SMS. That will tell you how much balance you have left.
    9. Click on Usage Details. You have to select the Date range for which you want to see the Usage Details.
    10. For example, this is what it shows for me for a particular date range:
    So there we have it, here's my Photon Usage Details!

    Now obviously there are many things wrong with this.

    Firstly the Usage details is given in bytes. Not everyone knows what that means or how to do the calculations. So let me explain,

    For example, three rows for 4th April means I connected thrice on 4th April. The first time I connected I used a total of 12382141 byte. That means:

    (12382141/1024) / 1024= 11.8 MB

    Secondly, the Usage details page does not show my total balance left. So if I had recharged with say 250 MB, I would need to add the values in TotalConsumed column and convert them to MB, then subtract the result from my original balance, phew!!!

    So well, this is what we have till now! If you ask me, I am still gonna make that call to customer care and ask them how much balance I have left untill they make their website more user-friendly! :)
  2. Newgod

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    TATA Photon service is really slow i mean i see that there are many people around who says that TATA has cheated them actually the strategy is to give good speed for about 1 year and then after that reduce the speed of the user the user will not be able to do any work but still will have to pay the money, so far this techiniue has been successful too as when a user deactivates his connection he frees up space for the other new users this way TATA can manage the chain of users activating and deactivating. there has been a lot of issues with TATA photons speed and also with the HUAWEI devices which are chinese made and this company is also alleged to have links with the chinese army so they could be monitering the users traffic and with a company as big as tata using those devices its a major concern
    i too use a photon system and have faced problems with the internet speed i am right now looking for more better options and might switch over to other networks
    if anyone who uses TATA network and is facing any problems with anything you may post in this thread and we will talk about it
  3. Newgod

    Newgod Star Member

    DONT USE tata photon mobile broadband service is an useless cheating service just search google and you will see a lot of people who have surrefered a lot of problems with tata networks mainly speed, the speed is horrible according to the 10GB unlimited plan that costs 1100 monthly rental the speed should be 3.1 MBPS buts its only 60% of the speed the network is never at 3.1MBPS its only promo thing not reality, after you use up your 10GB then the speed should be at 155KBPS but its not 155 KBPS it comes down to 10-20 KBPS in praticality
    TATA is cheating customer all around india, and i can assure you that there are cusomer cases against tata too,
    My Advice as a friend a brother or a fellow indian is that dont use TATA Photon, there are a lot of other avaialbe use another
    tata company had 2 major scams regarding the spectrums and due to that it lost a lot of spectrums the reality is very simple they just cannot give out services but they wont accept it they will simple continue to sell their systems and cheat untill they can that is the rest of eternity,
    dont fall for the trap tatas reputation has nothing to do with tata photon, tata photon is a trap and you will be cheated everymonth untill you disconnect the system also that tata phton customer service is the worst , they dont even reply to mails anymore,
    dont use tata photon it you value your money,,
  4. Karthik

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    Hi, Read this before go with Tata Photon. I bought tata photon post paid device in September 2012. They said the speed will be max 6.1 Mbps.device cost 2200rs. I am staying in Perumbakkam Chennai. The speed was around 20 kbps which is no one can believe. I was totally disappointed. I thought there may be Tower problem in Perumbakkam. I checked the same device in Velachelly 100 feet road and sholinganallur (near signal) places where in my friends stays there. But still the speed was around max 50 kbps only. In my room in perumakkam it was around 20 kbps only. I bought that device for urgent purpose. I contacted the service provider and they suggested to talk to customer care. I complained with customer care. There is no much response. daily 10 times I used to talk with customer care. After one week they send some technician to check the device and tower. They themselves confirmed the speed is around 20 to 35 kbps only. Then they went and after that as usual no response for 2 weeks. Daily I called. They decided to provide new device. Again 3 more weeks I waited. October end came up. Two months bill (monthly 1200rs) I paid forcefully. October end they provided New device. I check and again the speed is same in every where. Then I decided to disconnect the service. My bill generation date is mid of every months. I requested customer care to disconnect my account on first week of November so that I can save November month bill. Customer confirmed that with in 48 hours they will disconnect my account. After 2 days I started getting call like why are you disconnecting. . .? I said not satisfied please disconnect and I asked whether the bill will get generated or not for November month as I concerned as they may delay to disconnect the device. Customer care confirmed me that they have initiated the disconnection process and so the bill will not get generated in any case and I can’t use the device also. I didn’t use the device. So I was cool. But again & again daily 2 3 times I got the same type of call for 3 weeks and I totally frustrated. December 15th crossed. And the next surprise was I got mail for the bill for November month. Again I fight with the service provider and customer care for long time and in Mid of Jan 2013 they confirmed me that the bill amount was wrongly generated and they have sent the Check amount to concerned people to solve the problem. Again in first week of February 2013 I got a mail from legal department to pay the Photon bill amount. I fight with the service provider and customer care and no use. They said if I don’t pay, they will keep the record open and in future it will create problem for me with respect to terms and conditions. So finally I paid as there is no option. I am totally disappointed and I hate tata photon. Use less. Cheating. I paid my money from my packet. I can’t do any thing. Poor boy. But can only write my concerns like this….. I am working in TCS
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  5. Newgod

    Newgod Star Member

    I fully agree with you my friend, i have heard many cases like these about tata mobile internet services, its true that tata internet service is really low class, i have even heard cases where the usuage scheme is of 6 GB unlimited which means you will get full speed untill 6GB then the speed will come down to 153KBPS but in reality the speed comes down when you reached 2GB data usuage which means they are cheating and taking money for 6 GB and giving on 2,
    customer care is totally useless too,
    its onto you what you want to do, if you want you can lodge an official complain in the consumer court regarding this i can assure you that there are already many cases against tata for this very subject,
    or you can just move on to an different internet service, there are many other broadband mobile internet service providers
  6. Monty Williams

    Monty Williams New Member

    Tata Photon is good only for checking the mails when we have lot of free time for waiting for the response from server. We can't use this for any business purpose. I like the post for checking the internet usage details.
  7. Cadman Marsh

    Cadman Marsh New Member

    Yes if net is very slow how we can do the work by using this. It can be used only for mails.
  8. sunshine

    sunshine Guest

    Just this evening I was so excited to see the increased speed limit in the online recharge section which stated 6.1mbps max and hurriedly recharged for 1200/- but good Lord i now feel so ashamed of my rushed action. It's just unbelievable how they keep mocking your intelligence and bluff their customers. Now I am surely shifting from Tata photon, enough already!!
  9. Newgod

    Newgod Star Member

    Tata broadband is really very low grade also its actually a company of frauds
    you will not be given your whole data consumption the connection is slow and the customer care never really even picks up the phone or read their mail boxes
    better to move on guys dont waste your money on it

    just go check the consumer complains against tata photon online and you will get the clear picture
  10. Hi,

    I’m compelled to write this review after repeated disappointments and “shocks” from TATA PHOTON MAX WIFI team.

    Learning about its innovative feature first time in the market, I placed an order for TATA PHOTON MAX WIFI, A plug-in dongle which is designed to be accessed by 5 persons simultaneously, by making Rs.2,300/- payment. I was repeatedly explained and assured about the tariff by the sales team, customer care and the service provider about a plan I chose. It was 1GB of free bundled usage with speed 6.2mbps for a monthly rental of Rs.300+taxes. I even have the call recordings of our conversations where they explained me about my tariff. After just a week’s usage I got a msg that my free usage limit is totally consumed & I have to recharge to renew the free data. I called up the customer care and they told me that I had chosen 512mb plan! When I told them I have the call recordings for the evidence, they promised me to waive off Rs.200 on the bill amount and grant me 1GB free usage as promised at the time of connection from next month.

    After 15 days the same drama repeated! Got a msg>Spoke to customer care> This time the service team had chosen 750mbps as my plan without any notice (Unilateral bargain!).

    I get a msg that my payments should be made before the due date but they have neither sent me the bill to my address nor e-mail. I was shocked to hear it from customer care that my bill amount is double the plan amount id chosen (for 20days).

    It has just been 1 month I purchased and I have spent nearly 10+ hours with the customer care. There are lot more complaints which goes on...

    Now I realize that BSNL is relatively better when it comes to service, speed and reliable network after going through this experience. If you have a problem with the BSNL network it’s advisable to approach a higher authority! I did that and got my problem fixed within minutes.

    Pros: New feature of WIFI.

    Cons: 1. Highly unreliable. They change your tariffs without your notice. Make false assurances till you opt in.

    2. The speed they claim is big time false.

    3. The network is most often interrupted! Need to plug out and plug in every few minutes! The network is often slow than other networks I’ve been using.

    4. Customer care executives indifferently hangs the call in between the conversation if they sense that you’re intention of calling them is to complaint!!! (Happened to me and my friends innumerably)
  11. Newgod

    Newgod Star Member

    well Dr Chebbi, i can understand, i used to have a tata internet connection but it was a big time mess, the customer care never answered, they problems kept multiplying, they even started to give less data usage then I pay for, i decided that to change my connection
    but i am working with a guy who is going to make a legal complain on tata, he is collecting info and other things from all tata users who are cheated just like him,
    i would say the best thing is to stop using tata services, coz you are only wasting money on it

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