Is foxfire a good browser?

Discussion in 'Computer Software Forums' started by Guest, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Guest Guest

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with foxfire and if they thought it was a good browser or not? Please tell me your opinions on it.

  2. martin Guest


    I'm guessing you are referring to the Mozilla product "Firefox". If this is the case then I would have to say I prefer this over Microsoft Internet Explorer. I'm a keen fan of of promoting anything open source as I think its been created by people who are into the whole development for the love of it rather than for the money.

    It's a stable product with many plugins available and is widely supported. What is more, it will run alongside IE (internet explorer) and also Google Chrome so you have a choice of three when doing any testing. Give it a whirl is my opinion.
  3. GatherJeff New Member

    Firefox and Google Chrome are both good browsers. At least I'm pleased with both of them.
  4. angie828 New Member

    I use foxfire all the time and prefer it over explorer.

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