Does The Human Soul Really Exist? What Happens To Soul After Death?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Pete_Lee, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Pete_Lee

    Pete_Lee New Member

    I have been lately thinking of religion a lot. I was never much religious to begin with. But lately due to events in my life I have been looking at what religion has to say, Christianity, Islam and others. I cannot really understand what anybody says about humans having a soul. Do humans really have souls? Does the human soul really exist?

    Is the soul physical? Will scientists ever be able to find a way to detect it? All these questions come to my mind that seemingly have no answers. How do people believe in religion not knowing the answers to difficult questions? If there really is a soul what happens to the Soul after death?
  2. Ella

    Ella New Member

    My question is, why does it matter? I am not much of a believer. Maybe the soul does indeed exist, maybe after I die I will rise and realize what I don't know right now. However the way I see it, at this time in my life the only thing I have control on is my actions. So I want to act towards real, tangible goals for myself. Whether or whether not the soul exists or not, changes nothing to that.
  3. Pete_Lee

    Pete_Lee New Member

    I understand your point but still don't u feel curious?
  4. nikki

    nikki Guest

    I really think they exist coz i was watching a show on discovery about the stories of real people and they have experienced it. Even scientists are after searching the logic of soul so may be somewhere it's true.
  5. Sadik

    Sadik Administrator Staff Member

    Well my point is that, the soul may not exist in the physical sense like objects. However one has to consider that human beings possess a consciousness which remains with one's lifetime and grows with experience. The question is, what happens to this consciousness when we die? Does it just cease to exist?

    Obviously there is no proof for such things, but I strongly believe that our consciousness moves to a different plane of existence. Almost all religions call this as the soul leaving the body to meet with our creator or whatever higher energy exists.
  6. Newgod

    Newgod Star Member

    a soul does exists since we all are the same basically i mean we all have 2 eyes and 1 heart and all
    but different people have different natures
    they have different choices and liking
    why is that, that is because of the soul
    our nature, thats a reflection of soul, there are over six billion people on this planet no 2 are same
    where some are scientists some are terrorists
    some die to save humans some die to kill humans that difference is because of the soul

    i will explain what happens to us in this manner

    suppose that god is a programmer
    he creates us a program and installs us in this system thats the earth
    what the program does it up to the progeam
    when the program terminates that we die it is taken to singularlity
    a place between heaven and hell , we can understand heaven as special safe store and hell as modification area
    after the proram reaches singularlity it is checked then it is diverted to heaven or hell according to its performance in the system that is the earth
    in heaven the program is checked and stored for future use i.e souls living in heaven in peace and joy
    in hell the programs are update and their defective proraming deleted i.e punishments of a soul in hell
    after that the soul is taken back from to the singularlity i.e the program loading area
    and then it is reinstalled into the system the earth
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  7. Pete_Lee

    Pete_Lee New Member

    That is a very interesting way to put it newgod. (interesting username also!)
  8. Newgod

    Newgod Star Member

    Thanks bro if you need any more weird answers on other things you can ask my any questions
  9. Kutte

    Kutte Well-Known Member


    I think what is missing in this thread is the "spirit". We are spiritual beings and as such have the ability to inspire others. Likewise, I think, is the posibility that soul and spirit are related to each other.

  10. Newgod

    Newgod Star Member

    in what sense exactly and how, soul is the energy that is within us and is unlike any other that exists, and spirit is a part of our nature that in one way reflects soul, but spirit is not too essential as the soul itself is concerned as, even without worlds humans or most of the things souls would still easily exist,
    anyways explain in detials what you meant then i will reply back,
    by the way me too i too take interest and talk to people about religion for knowledge and understanding,
  11. alan tee

    alan tee Member

    hi pete
    if it helps.... but its better that you find out yourself, there are two roads you can go down. or you can let this slow you down, anyway this is my take on life. you see its like a joke that no one gets untill the punch line. but its very easy, you are born and you die the rest is up to you. its like you being at a shop, not having seen one before. and someone saying well go on then enjoy yourself, you would do the same thing you are doing now. nothing! not knowing what to do, but all you have to do is get the best out of life. without making others feel bad, and its as easy as that or as a great man once said lover one another.
  12. Newgod

    Newgod Star Member

    pete_lee does not comes around much, like many others and unlike me, and you alan and few others
  13. alan tee

    alan tee Member

    well there are some of us that keep the faith, and others dont its the way of the world, since i moved from orange i have to say. this is not bad the forum i mean, not bad at all. i can say how i feel, and no one gets upset, and i dont know about you but i like that. that people give you feed back on the way you think, maybe its because i like people i dont
  14. Newgod

    Newgod Star Member

    no its true actually a forum is just like a party house with a crowd of people, now there many be good people or bad people, each forum is differnt because of the members it has, in some places the members dont show up and posts or might not be cooperative or sincere in their way of explaining, but out here the people are good wise and its feels good to hang around here, although i do hang around a lot of places and has good experiences with different places and people, i still consider that this place is better than bigger forums than this in many ways
  15. alan tee

    alan tee Member

    mmm i have found that its good, but i must say its the first one i went to. so you might say i have been lucky that way, i am one of these odd people. that only go on one, and i just use this one, doing other stuff you
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    Newgod Star Member

    Hey Alan
    tell me which other forum have you visited if not a member and if you are a member in another place then where
    well for me i am into a large number of forums with different usenames
    but i am Supermoderator in Togotutor forums and active member here
    also in Webcosmo forums, i left as supermod from Discussionjunkie now known as NicheMoz forum, and i also left Techstalks forum,
    the list is too long to share here actually, but these are some
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    alan tee Member

    tried twitter but i am not a

    tried the one with the butterfly but i found that one to

    i sound like the three

    oh i was on orange but the juice ran

    but here seems to be just
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    Newgod Star Member

    so you are saying that you are just here, a member here and you come and check this place out, yeah
  19. alan tee

    alan tee Member

    well yes! to do anything else with every thing else is to much trouble, thats sounds rude i know. but its not i promise, its just that i do so much i have to get up at 04:00 to get it all
  20. Newgod

    Newgod Star Member

    so since this is the human soul really exists thread do you believe in soul and if yes what happens to it before birth and after death, my explaination is in this thread you can read it to understand my view and then we can discuss further

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